YG & Mozzy Remind You That Gang Life Is ‘Dangerous’ With G Herbo

While rap songs and videos can have the unintended side effect of making gang life look cooler than it is, YG & Mozzy are here to remind you that it’s still quite “Dangerous” in the latest video from their recently released joint album Kommunity Service. The first verse finds the California natives trading quick-witted quatrains upbraiding posers who claim affiliation without the muscle to back it up, while G Herbo brings the song home with his own chest-beating feature to close things out.
The stripped-down video keeps to the established aesthetic from their “Bompton To Oak Park” clip, with a legion of goons mean-mugging the camera to underline the street-loyal lyrics, shot through a perspective warping fish-eye lens. The duo has shown an impressive degree of flexibility with the album rollout so far, as well; while thoroughly praising their expected “Gangsta” credentials in these videos, they’ve alternated them with more positive messaging in the semi-romantic clip for “Perfect Timing.” Album cuts like “Vibe With You” have also offset the menace, because you can’t always be in war mode.
Meanwhile, the duo’s members have done their fair share of good work in the world, too. YG recently gave away $20,000 worth of sneakers to former inmates to ensure that the project’s title wasn’t just figurative.
Watch YG & Mozzy’s “Dangerous” video above.