Banoffee Returns With The Shimmering ‘Tapioca Cheeks,’ A Song About The Fear Of Falling In Love

Today Melbourne rising pop star Banoffee released some of her first new music since last year’s Look At Us Now album, which came out a few weeks before the pandemic was beginning to settle over American life. The new single, “Tapioca Cheeks,” comes with a choreography-heavy video featuring the artist herself, and she describes the song as a reflection of the feelings of fear that come along with getting close to someone. “It’s about the fears that come with diving in with someone,” she said of the track. “How love can be awful as well as wonderful at the same time, because it’s just so damn scary. ‘Tapioca Cheeks’ is a dedication to someone, for them to feel loved and held even when they feel completely incapable or unlovable.”
Written just before the pandemic hit during a recording session in LA with PC Music’s Planet 1999, the song builds on the subtle, shimmering pop sound she established on last year’s full-length. The video added another layer to the song’s meaning for her, though. Through filming it became “A song about the inescapable feeling of loving someone who doesn’t love you back. I made the video with these feelings in mind. The bubbles signifying a feeling I cannot help but expel from my body, a love that is involuntary.”
Check it out above.