Charles Barkley Reminisced With Conan O’Brien About Shaq Thinking The Moon Was Only 10 Hours Away

There are a lot of legendary Inside the NBA moments, but some of the funniest ones involve one of either Shaq or Charles Barkley (often Shaq) saying something so ridiculous that the rest of the crew can’t stop laughing and making fun of how ridiculous they are. One of the great examples is Shaq’s absurd gas tank theory, which sends Ernie into absolute despair every time it comes back up.
However, there’s a different Shaq moment that sticks out for Charles Barkley, as he and Conan O’Brien reminisced about during Chuck’s appearance on Conan on Wednesday night. Conan asked about how Shaq has…a unique mind, and the two started talking about the time Shaq thought the moon was only a 10 hour flight away because he could see it outside in Atlanta, but he can’t see California which was just a five-hour flight away.
It is, truly, one of the most ridiculous Inside the NBA segments, and based on the fact that it only has 17,000 views on YouTube at this moment indicates to me that not enough people have seen or appreciate the sheer absurdity of it.

This too gets an incredible Ernie reaction, as he is physically pained having to listen to this conversation.
The best part is Shaq announcing later in the show that he’s been informed it is a 3-day flight to the moon, not 10 hours, and then declares that means he was 26 hours off. Shaq Math is apparently the cousin of Steiner Math.