Jack Harlow Was Just Feet Away From A Deadly Louisville Nightclub Shooting

Getty Image

While coronavirus remains a top issue in the United States, the threat of deadly gun violence has been another problem the country faces amid a number of deadly shootings over the past couple of months, especially at public events. A recent example of this came on Friday at a Lousiville nightclub that rapper Jack Harlow was attending. Harlow was just feet away from a deadly shooting at the venue, an incident that was captured through a video provided by TMZ.
Harlow, who is from the Louisville area, stopped by the city’s Ultra Lounge to attend a party in honor of the Kentucky Derby. In the video, the rapper can be seen near the stage seemingly enjoying the night when a fight breaks out not too far from him. What started as a vocal dispute quickly turned physical and a short moment later, a gunshot could be heard which sparks immediate chaos as attendees — including Harlow — make a run for safety. Luckily for the Louisville rapper, he made it out of the venue untouched but the incident unfortunately left one woman dead and sent another man to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.
This happened a week after a shooting occurred at Lil Durk’s Smurkchella concert in Pheonix, AZ. This incident left one woman injured after a bullet grazed her leg. To watch TMZ’s video of the Louisville shooting, click here.
Jack Harlow is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.