Ariana Grande’s ‘POV’ Lyric Video Subtly Shows Support For Queer Couples

When it comes to pop stars, Ariana Grande has always been pretty vocal about her liberal political leanings. During last year’s primary she made her support of Bernie Sanders very clear, and later supported the Biden/Harris ticket. One of issues that, for some reason, has been a divisive one over the last few years is support of queer relationships and gay marriage. Ari has continually vocalized support for those groups, and today she’s made an even more straightforward statement on the subject by dedicating the lyric/dance video for one of the most romantic songs on her latest album, Positions, to a queer couple.
Dancers Cory Graves and Brian Nicholson star in the sweet clip, which is a little more than a lyric video and a little less than most fan-made dance videos, offering an understated look at two people playing out the emotionally-charged lyrics with their bodies. By specifically making two men the partners exchanging loving glances and touches here, instead of a man and a woman, Grande has opted to make a subtle political statement about the song’s intent. It’s just another impressive move from a diva who has already overcome so much herself, and continues to advocate for others. Check out the clip aboe.