Leonardo DiCaprio’s Company Won The Rights To Remake The Oscar-Winning Drinking Drama ‘Another Round’

Samuel Goldwyn Films

Sunday night saw a pretty weird Academy Awards, dominated by some surprise wins (sorry for the anger you’re getting, Anthony Hopkins), some delightful dancing (thanks, Glenn Close), and some weird tweets (wtf, Chuck Schumer?). But there was one award that most people agreed was just: Another Round, the Danish drinking drama starring Mads Mikkelsen, won the trophy for Best International Feature Film. If you didn’t see it because you’re one of the many Americans who don’t like reading subtitles, then first off: calm down, reading subtitles isn’t hard. At the same time, don’t worry, because there’s already an American remake afoot. And it’ll come from Leonardo DiCaprio.
This comes from Deadline, who report that Appian Way, the production company he runs with Jennifer Davisson, are among the winners of a huge bidding war for remake options for the film. Among the people DiCaprio beat out were Jake Gyllenhaal and Elizabeth Banks, though the latter should be fine as she’s already making a movie called Cocaine Bear. Deadline says it’s being designed as a vehicle for DiCaprio himself, which means it won’t bring Mikkelsen, a Hollywood staple himself, back for the American redo. (That said, he’s already pretty busy anyway.)
Should it star DiCaprio, it will find him playing an early middle-aged school teacher who gets out of a rut by, well, drinking. He and his longtime friends hatch a plan to drink just enough that they’re loose and spontaneous but not enough that they’re too drunk. It’s basically the below sketch from Mitchell and Webb Look, but as a serious drama that wins major awards and yet still features a bananas dancing scene.

(Via Deadline)