The Director Of ‘Promising Young Woman’ Will Be Giving A DC Heroine Her First Big-Screen Movie


Emerald Fennell just made history. Last week, the filmmaker — who made of one of last year’s most acclaimed (and hotly debated) movies, Promising Young Woman, starring Carey Mulligan — became only the sixth woman ever be nominated for a Best Director Oscar. And that’s not all: As per Variety, her next order of business will be helming a DC movie, one that will see a certain character hitting the big screen for the first time.
That character is Zatanna, and her day job is a stage magician while her night job is an actual magician, who uses her powers to fight for good. She debuted in 1964, and she’s been a part of the Justice League — and perhaps she will do so on the big screen, should the DCEU find a way to bring that portion of the comics back now that everyone’s fawned over the “Snyder Cut.”
Though Zatanna has long been a regular of the animated portions of the DC-verse and she played a key role on the ‘90s live-action show Smallville, she’s never made it to the movies. She was rumored to be a part of David Ayers’ Suicide Squad, but that was not to be. She didn’t even make the cut of James Gunn’s expanded The Suicide Squad. But that just means she has more room to strut solo, playing another of Fennell’s fascinating anti-heroes.
(Via Variety)