Desus And Mero Checked In On Mental Health Professionals To See How They’re Holding Up During The Pandemic


While the New York Knicks are certainly helping Desus and Mero enjoy the more recent months of the pandemic, not everyone is handling long stretches of isolation and worry as well as they are. That’s why the Showtime squad decided to check in with the people tasked with helping the rest of us when things get tough mentally.
The pair’s Showtime series aired a sketch recently in which they talked to frontline workers, but with a twist: They’re all therapists who have spent the last year remotely helping people with their mental health.

Mental health professionals have been holding it down for their patients during the pandemic, but who’s taking care of them? To make sure they’re good, @desusnice and @THEKIDMERO offered these therapists a lil (unlicensed) therapy.
— DESUS & MERO on SHOWTIME (@SHODesusAndMero) March 8, 2021

“The anxiety levels are through the roof,” one therapist told them. But the show also acknowledged that’s likely the case for the therapists themselves. That’s why they decided they needed a bit of therapy of their own. Mero donned a nice blazer for the occasion, then played therapist for some of the more certified therapists they invited on the show.
The banter was classic Desus and Mero, and it actually did provide some pretty good advice about how to relax during a pandemic: turn off the laptop, relax with something like dancing, consume a substance (within moderation, of course), and don’t be afraid to ask for help. There was also some yoga and a bit of shout therapy, though your neighbors may not like that last one as much as the others.