Twitter’s ‘Super Follows’ Feature Is Making Everyone Angry Again That They Won’t Add An Edit Option


On Thursday Twitter announced an exciting new feature on their 15-year-old social media service. No, they didn’t finally add an edit option so you could fix inane typos or random autocorrects. Instead, they’re creating what they call “Super Follows,” in which users can put certain tweets behind a paywall, charging others to read it. It’s…an interesting idea. That is to say, it was instantly mocked, in part for sounding way too close to OnlyFans and Patron, which at least promise more than 240 written-out characters.
But let’s go back to what’s most enraging people about it: that Twitter top brass thought of ripping off another platform’s idea before giving users the thing they want. That is, again, the edit function. People have been clamoring that for ages, perhaps as long as the service has been around — which is to say, since 2006. (They’ve also begged Jack Dorsey to kick off all of the Nazis, though to his credit he has kicked a good chunk of them off. So props where it’s due.)
When news of the “Super Follows” broke, it wasn’t long before everyone had this same complaint.

we got literal only fans before an edit button
— literally (@kadeeeen_) February 25, 2021

Twitter is wild asf for having an only fans before an edit button
— Julia A (@JuliaA60255793) February 25, 2021

— m𖤐 (@_eiznekcm_) February 25, 2021

RIP Twitter is trending Like they could have given us the edit button instead of OnlyFans from Wish
— The one who tweets everything and nothing (@OnASunday2019) February 25, 2021

RIP Twitter! You don’t have to get additional features. This platform is perfect the way it is! Stop adding in features just add an edit button!
— Dishaa Burdya (@Dishaa_24) February 25, 2021

I ask for an edit button, they offer a paid subscription service to watch a dumpster fire. RIP Twitter
— Bruce Ishkoday (@FireDancer7474) February 25, 2021

RIP twitter….out of all the things you give us, U GIVE US CHARGING OF TWEETS? WE JUST WANTED AN EDIT BUTTON
— @𝒈𝒎𝒂𝒊𝒍.𝒄𝒐𝒎 (@www_whyth0) February 25, 2021

RIP twitterSociety if twitter just made an edit button instead of and onlyfans feature
— Hyunjin’s wife (@hyunjins_wifeee) February 25, 2021

We got legit onlyfans before we get a goddamn edit button…RIP Twitter
— Coffee Before BS (@HoshizoraStarie) February 25, 2021

rip twittertwitter will do anything BUT add an edit button. smh
— frankie (@deathbyfrankie) February 25, 2021

Those that weren’t complaining about the dearth of edit options were making jokes about OnlyFans.

twitter is becoming only fans I’m moving to miiverse
— gragglepuff (@puffneedssleep) February 25, 2021

Only Fans seeing Twitter try to charge people
RIP Twitter
— Rich (@UptownDCRich) February 25, 2021

So, as usual, the best way to use Twitter was to make Twitter. Nature indeed is healing.