Dwyane Wade Agrees With Draymond Green On The ‘Double Standard’ Of Organizations Trading Players

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Draymond Green made waves on Monday evening, launching into a spirited rant about the “bullsh*t” double standard he believes is in place when evaluating NBA organizations when compared to players. The subject at hand was the treatment of players when they want to be traded when compared to when a team wants to move on from a player, and the discussion arrived on the same day the Cavaliers decided to sideline Andre Drummond and Blake Griffin the Pistons agreed not play to play Blake Griffin until a resolution could be found.
In advance of TNT’s doubleheader on Tuesday, Dwyane Wade shared agreement and support of Green’s statements, saying “I definitely agree” at the outset of a thoughtful, interesting answer.

.@DwyaneWade reacts to Draymond Green’s comments about the treatment of players on the trade block. pic.twitter.com/Iy1sayCUmb
— NBA on TNT (@NBAonTNT) February 17, 2021

“What it boils down to me, it’s no communication and there’s no respect,” Wade said. “The organizations are not looking at these players and just having respect for them, for who they are as men, for who they are as players.”
Later in the answer, Wade indicated the simple sentiment to a team to “have the simple conversation with a player” and went on to put things in further context.
“Players get booed when they come back when they leave in free agency, and organizations get celebrated when they give you a video when you come back after they’ve traded you,” Wade said. “I agree with Draymond. It is definitely a double standard.”
It will be interesting to see if anything changes with the standard operating procedure for organizations in these circumstances. Still, Green kickstarting the conversation is ultimately a good thing, even if many don’t agree with him at this point in time.