Fox News Isn’t Even Trying Anymore When It Comes To Being ‘Fair And Balanced’ With GOP Senators Who Voted To Impeach Trump

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Donald Trump didn’t get convicted on his impeachment charges for a second time on Saturday, this time after a hectic day where Democrats hurriedly decided not to call witnesses to testify in his Senate trial. The resulting vote, 57-43, to convict him wasn’t enough for the measure to pass. That decision will have political fallout for generations to come, but Fox News isn’t exactly staying “fair and balanced” in the aftermath of the vote.
On Saturday afternoon, the right-wing news organization sent out a tweet about the impeachment trial that shared an article about who “turned their backs on Trump” during the trial. As in, who they voted to convict Trump for inciting insurrection on January 6.
The tweet was eventually deleted, but it was also sent out in a push notification that got a lot of people talking.

Actual Fox News alert I just received.
— David French (@DavidAFrench) February 13, 2021

And others made sure to get a screenshot because it was particularly inflammatory considering the rhetoric that led Republicans and Trump to having supporters storm the US Capitol in a deadly riot.

FoxNews deleted this tweet, but not before I got a screenshot
— Shay (@ShadyPlanes) February 13, 2021

It should be said that the same news could be shared in a much less inflammatory manner. The New York Times, for example, has a similar post titled “Here are the seven Republicans who voted to convict Trump.” But the phrase “turned their backs” on Trump certainly made waves on Saturday. And when the network resent out that tweet, it was much more innocuously written.

7 Republican senators vote to convict Trump on incitement charge
— Fox News (@FoxNews) February 13, 2021