Alaina Castillo’s Cocky New Single ‘STFU (I Got U)’ Tackles The Ups And Downs Of New Love

Alaina Castillo has come a long way since her moody, Latin-influenced pop turned her into a rising pop star to watch. After last year’s Voicenotes EP, Castillo had plans to ready her debut album, but with the impact of the pandemic on the music industry, she had to put some of those plans on hold. Luckily, like a lot of other young artists, Castillo is ready to head into 2021 with guns blazing, and her cocky new single “STFU (I Got U)” does just that. While her earlier material was quieter and sometimes reminiscent of church music and hymns, this swaggering new track represents stepping into a new era for Alaina.
“I’ve always been that quiet person that thought it was better to be silent than to put myself out there so “STFU (I Got U)” is the confidence of who i was always too shy to be,” she said of this new single. The song is anything but shy, with Castillo chiding a lover who is insecure about her feelings for them. It’s a more adult sound for the 20-year-old Texan singer, and a track that gets at the complicated push and pull of confidence and self-doubt that comes with new relationships. Check out the video above and look for a lot more new music from Castillo throughout this year.