Hitmaka Explains That He Didn’t Want The Clips About Naturi Naughton Aired On The ‘Drink Champs Podcast’

Last week Hip Hop producer Hitmaka, formally known as “Yung Berg,” had the internet blazing when he appeared on an episode of ‘Drink Champs Podcast.’ He sat down and spoke with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN about an encounter with actress and former 3LW member Naturi Naughton.
Hitmaka claimed that he and 3LW lived in the same apartment complex in Los Angeles. He said, “I ended up meeting the girls from 3LW, remember them? …I’ll never forget this s**t… She was living at some apartment complex or whatever. We were cool. It was at the Artstone. If anybody’s in L.A., you already know about the Artstone. That’s where all the artists used to live. It’s in North Hollywood or whatever. So, I go to her crib. They’re having a little party or whatever. It’s like all the 3LW girls and sh*t. We go home, we smash. I smash her, but I’m like, ‘There’s something in her p**y,’ when I thought about it. It felt like a mousetrap in her vagina, and that’s the first time I learned about birth control; she had the IUD. F***ked me up, that was my first experiencing that.”
Today another clip with Hitmaka was released, as he was a guest on Angela Yee’s podcast “Lipservice .” Angela got straight to the point and addressed the interview. She told him, “ You can tell a story, but you don’t have to say who it is.” Hitmaka revealed that after the interview he felt remorseful, and he didn’t want it out. “I hit N.O.R.E like I don’t want this out, I don’t want to come out, please edit it. I will pay for whatever will go on with the interview; however, it cost or whatever. I’ll take care of it. I felt bad about the fact after the fact.”
He continued telling Angela that it was his truth, but he didn’t want it to come out like that. He said that he knew N.O.R.E. would chop up the clips and put them out like that. He said that he asked N.O.R.E. not to put that clips out and said they wouldn’t but did anyway.
Naturi still hasn’t broken her silence about distasteful comments at this point.
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