Pharrell Shares His Skincare Routine In An Uplifting ‘Beauty Secrets’ Video With ‘Vogue’

For many years, people have been pressing Pharrell about the secrets behind his perpetually ageless skin. Other than saying that he exfoliates “like a f*cking madman,” the musician hasn’t given much insight into his routine. But as he prepares to share his first line of skincare products, he’s finally ready to share his step-by-step process to achieve age-defying skin.
Pharrell appeared on a recent segment of Vogue‘s Beauty Secrets where he discussed his Humanrace skincare line and gave viewers a much-needed pep talk.
Talking about how he got his start in taking care of his skin, Pharrell said:
“I started taking care of my skin a little over 20 years ago. It’s when I met Elena Jones through a good friend and I wanted to understand more about skin health. Taking a shower is for your body. But your face, that’s what people communicate with and your face is only as good as the energy that comes behind it. […] Your face is the conduit of your expression and how you feel. How my day is going to go is usually based on what I want out of it. What do I want out of it? I always say to people, ‘Be blessed. But most importantly, be a blessing.’”
Elsewhere in the segment, Pharrell detailed his eating habits, saying that cupcakes are his one true vice: “I eat pretty clean. I don’t eat fast food but I eat a lot of sweets, man. I eat enough sweets to where me eating clean don’t mean sh*t. It just don’t. I love cupcakes, you don’t even understand.”
Watch Pharrell share his skincare routine on Vogue above.