Mark Ruffalo Is Going To Play Dad To Ryan Reynolds In A Netflix Time Travel Movie


Mark Ruffalo and Ryan Reynolds work in different parts of the comic book movie-verse, though perhaps not for long: Marvel, who owns Bruce Banner/Hulk, and Fox, who owns Deadpool, do now live under the same tent, thanks to that huge (and worrying) Disney merger. But thanks to Netflix, they’ll finally get to share the same space, albeit for a non-superhero movie. In fact, as per The Hollywood Reporter, they’re going to play father and son.
The movie in question is The Adam Project, and it’s been in the works for a while. In fact, it just started shooting in Vancouver last week. The movie stars Reynolds as a man who goes back in time, seeking help from his 13-year-old self. He also rubs shoulders with his physicist dad, which we now know will be played by no less than Ruffalo. (Catherine Keener is also on hand as the villain, who has stolen some powerful tech from Reynolds’ dad.)
Ruffalo and Reynolds aren’t exactly the same age; the former is 53 while the latter is nine years his junior. But they’re still peers, and they both tend to lean towards the more comedic side of comic book cinema. You could even argue that this Hulk moment from the first Avengers movie is funnier than anything in either Deadpool outing.
(Via THR)