Harvey Weinstein Is ‘Being Closely Monitored’ After Becoming Very Sick In Prison

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Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced Hollywood mogul currently serving a 23-year sentence for sexual misconduct, is reportedly very sick. According to USA Today, he has come down with a fever and, as per his rep, Judith Engelmayer, is “being closely monitored.” Engelmayer would “neither confirm nor deny” that he has contracted the novel coronavirus.
If Weinstein did test positive, it reportedly wouldn’t be his first time. In March, during the early days of the pandemic’s march across America, word spread that he tested positive for COVID-19, which resulted in him being isolated. At the time prisons were hotbeds for the highly contagious virus, with a number of prisoners across the nation contracting it.
Weinstein is highly immunocompromised. Engelmayer pointed out that he has “numerous maladies and conditions,” including “a heart condition, high blood pressure and spinal stenosis.” Back in February, a month before his brush with COVID, he was rushed to the hospital with high blood pressure.
Weinstein is 68, and since his sentence began in February of this year, that would mean he wouldn’t be released until he was 91. He was found guilty one two sex crime felony charges, out of five with which he was charged, and is serving his sentence in Wende Correctional Facility in Erie County, New York. He was accused of misconduct by many, many more than five.