Adrien Broner Asks Fans To Send $13 To Help Him Get Out Of $800,000.00 Debt

Now we all know the sayings “closed mouths don’t get fed,” and “I ain’t too proud to beg.” One man who isn’t afraid to ask his fans for a few coins is boxer Adrien Broner. Earlier this month, we reported how Adrien Broner landed himself back in jail after a judge in Cleveland held him in contempt of court. This incident was in relation to a civil lawsuit filed by a woman he allegedly assaulted back in 2018.
According to Cleveland Dot Com, Judge Nancy Margarett Russo wasn’t having any of Adrien’s excuses for failing to meet any of the deadlines she set for him to hand over evidence showing why he has not been able to pay a judgment. In December 2019, Adrien was ordered to pay more than $800,000 to a woman he sexually assaulted in a nightclub.
Adrien was caught on camera in court on Oct 5th, telling Judge Russo that he only had $13 to his name. Judge Russo pulled out the receipts, as she saw a video he recently posted on the ‘gram, where he was showing off large stacks of money. After he was released from jail, Adrien took to the gram, further explaining that he only had $13 and even went as far as to call himself a $13dollanaire. He did let the conversation die down, and today he took it to the next level.
Adrien asked his fans to send him money through his cash app. He shared that he was about to make an OnlyFans page to help him get out of $800,000.00 debt. He continued, “Look, everybody just cash app me $13 so I ain’t got to make an OnlyFans. My cash app is $AboutBillions89. Whatever you can afford will be helpful. My $13 a** need it, and I will be #Grateful.”
Some fans started sending him in money, and he shared it in his Instagram story of the small amounts. Not sure if he’s trolling or needs the money, but it’s nothing wrong with getting help when it’s needed!
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