Westside Gunn Says He Is No Longer Signed To Shady Records And Labels Himself A ‘Free Agent’

Westside Gunn has had an absolute monster year in 2020. The Buffalo rapper has released not one, not two, but three albums in 2020 thanks to his Pray For Paris, Flygod Is An Awesome God II, and Who Made The Sunshine drops. Despite the success he’s had this year, Gunn may enter 2021 as a “free agent” as the rapper revealed he is no longer signed to Shady Records on Saturday.
The news came during an appearance on the Joe Budden Podcast where he simply said, “I’m off Shady,” when he was asked about his label situation. He added, “I’m actually a free agent.”
The announcement came after Gunn laughed off Eminem’s poor promotion of his Who Made The Sunshine album. After a fan noticed that Eminem posted The Alchemist’s The Food Villain project — which is not a Shady release — to Instagram without doing the same for Westside’s album, the fan said, “No post of @westsidegunn album that’s in your own label? Lol wtf.” The Buffalo rapper caught wind of the comment and replied with a series of laughing and shushing emojis.
After revealing the news, the hosts on the Joe Budden Podcast asked the rapper if he felt like the label fell short of their goal for him, but he opted to stay tight-lipped on the details. “I’m not no pillow talking type of n****,” Westside said. “That’s how I move. … It’s like saying me and [Benny The Butcher] or Conway or Conway or Benny or whoever, we may have a disagreement the world will never know about it. It’s just going to be brothers and cousins. It’s the same way with business.”
You can watch the full Joe Budden Podcast episode with Westside Gunn above.