Lil Pump Reportedly Didn’t Even Vote After He Publicly Endorsed Donald Trump

TSR Politics: Lil Pump did all that rah rah for Donald Trump ahead of the 2020 presidential election and reportedly didn’t even show up for his mans at the poll.
According to a report from “The Smoking Gun,” Lil Pump–or as his friend Donnie refers to him, “Lil Pimp”– wasn’t even registered to vote for this election, the New York Daily News reports.
Despite the 20-year-old Florida native encouraging his 17 million followers to support Trump shortly before Election Day, the support didn’t come in where it probably needed to count. 
The Sunday before the election, Lil Pump attended a Trump rally near his native Miami with his MAGA cap on. Trump gave Lil Pump a shoutout from the stage, calling him “Little Pimp,” then asked him to come up to the podium to say a few words to his supporters. Trump even asked the crowd if people knew who Lil Pump was after referring to the rapper as “one of the superstars of the world.”


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Pump went on stage to rally supporters before yelling, “MAGA 202020, don’t forget that!”
Lil Pump had expressed his concerns about his taxes going up under Joe Biden’s alleged tax plan, something that rapper 50 Cent had also complained about.
On Election Day, Lil Pump tweeted as ballots were being counted that Trump would take the W.
“Remain calm. Remain patient. Have trust in the system,” Pump told his fans. “Our man will be re-elected.”
Pump turned 18 back in 2018 but had not registered to vote since.
Trump did end up winning Florida, but lost the general election by more than five-million votes. Donnie has still not accepted that outcome.
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