Cardi B Credits Trump Supporters ‘Getting Out Of Line’ In Helping Joe Biden Win The Election

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For many across the country, Saturday has been a day filled with celebration and excitement as the 2020 presidential election finally concluded with former vice president Joe Biden declared the winner by national media and the president-elect.
Thousands of supporters took to the streets in cities all over the country with signs to share their excitement for the nation’s next president. The music world displayed their excitement in the form of social media posts to both Twitter and Instagram. Using the latter to share her thoughts, Cardi B shared a string of videos in which she offered an explanation for Biden’s win in the election.

Cardi told her followers that she “knew who was gonna win” simply because “God knows better.” “You know why God put Joe Biden in place?” she said in the first of three videos. “Cos you Trump supporters were getting out of line.” Cardi then discussed the treatment she’s received from Trump supporters in recent weeks, a trend that began followers her sit-down with Bernie Sanders. “These Trump supporters with a blue check on Twitter, y’all been coming at me every week for attention,” Cardi said. “Y’all tried to scare my sister off the beach, y’all broke a pole on my husband’s car.”
The “WAP” rapper then told Trump supporters to not be scared of the future following Biden’s win. “Y’all was doing the most and y’all kept bullying people and picking on people and it got to the point that a Trump follower with so many followers was trying to send people to burn down my motherf*cking house, to loot my house. Ya got out of control. This power that ya was having – it just got out of control.”
Lastly, the Bronx rapper reminded her fans that her support for Biden is not unconditional and blind. “If Joe Biden f*ck up I’m gonna tell him my own self,” Cardi said. “I’m gonna call him and say listen, you gotta fix it. It’s gonna take time, things are not going to happen in a month, in two months, in three months but it’s going to fucking happen. Joe Biden for the P!”
Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.