Dave Grohl Makes A Preemptive 2020 Prediction With Dave Chappelle In Their ‘SNL’ Promo

This Saturday’s SNL will be hosted by Dave Chappelle along with musical guest the Foo Fighters and though the winner of the presidential election has not been decided, the show is already preparing their post-election material. Ballots are still being counted but Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl is feeling confident enough to “call it” in their recently-released SNL promo.
After Chappelle announced their show in the teaser, Grohl stepped in to make a preemptive prediction. “You know what Dave? I’m going to call it,” Grohl said. “Don’t do it, man. Just let it happen,” Chappelle retorted. But Grohl didn’t heed Chappelle’s advice: “I’m just going to call it right now… Best show ever!” Chappelle, not pleased with Grohl’s prediction, closed by saying: “Damn it Dave, you should have let them watch it.”
The Foo Fighters’ upcoming set will be far from the first time they have appeared on the late-night stage. Since the band’s first time on SNL in 1995, Foo Fighters have been the show’s musical guest seven separate times. The upcoming episode does, however, mark the Foo Fighters’ first post-election SNL appearance but the same can’t be said for Chappelle, who hosted the show right after the 2016 election.
Watch Foo Fighters and Dave Chappelle’s SNL teaser above.
The full SNL episode premieres 11/7 at 11:30 p.m. EST.