Judge Denies Trump Campaign’s Request To Pause Vote Count In Georgia

Whew chileeee! Trump tried it once again, but this time he lost! As day three of this presidential election is underway, Donnie is doing everything in his power not to give up his seat in the White House, including calling for ballot counting to be paused in some of the key states in this race.
Now, Donald Trump may have his supporters under his influence, but he definitely does not have any say where judges are involved! Donnie filed multiple lawsuits Wednesday in various states to stop the remaining votes from being counted, but a judge in Georgia is not having in.
Judge James Bass has officially thrown out the Trump campaign’s lawsuit to pause vote counts–a ridiculous ask from the president in the first place. Donnie is alleging the ballots received after election day in Georgia are illegal.
Early Thursday, the vote count in Philadelphia was indeed paused due to Donnie’s lawsuit–a decision that is still pending, according to reports. Georgia, however, is back to counting, as Joe Biden attempts to turn the state blue.


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We’re still waiting for ballots to be counted in some of the most important states in this election, #Roomies. If #JoeBiden wins the 20 electoral votes in Pennsylvania OR the 6 electoral votes in Nevada, he takes the race! Y’all know Donnie is not happy about that this morning
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As we previously reported, Donnie filed to stop the votes in three states so far–Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan, claiming that his campaign did not have meaningful access” to some ballots counted in Michigan.
“We also demand to review those ballots which are opened and counted while we did not have meaningful access,” Donnie’s crew said in a statement.
As it stands now, Joe Biden is leading with 40 more electoral college votes than Trump. Stay with us for your election coverage, Roomies.
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