Andrew Caldwell Claims He Was Attacked By A Trump Supporter

With America on edge as the results of the presidential election loom, there have been reports of violence across the U.S. between people with opposing views. Social media personality Andrew Caldwell was one of those alleged victims.
Andrew, famous for going viral for his “I am delivert!” moment, claimed that he was attacked by a Trump supporter. Andrew, who resides in Missouri, has been a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.
While his activism may or may not be well-known, he claims the attack was racially-motivated. Andrew said he had a face mask on and was attacked while he was leaving a store.
Andrew alleges a white man approached him calling him the n-word multiple times.
“It was a Caucasian guy,” Andrew said. “…I said ‘Call me a n****r one more time! Call me a n*****r one more time!’”
Andrew Caldwell said the man then got in his face and punched him while Andrew’s mask was on. Andrew told his story on live while what looked like blood was coming from his nose.
He seemed particularly upset that people were accusing him of making the story up.
“So why everybody on here talking about I made this up, I don’t need to be made up, beating up a person to get clout! I got enough clout already!” Andrew screamed at his followers.


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He continued, “But let me just say this. I don’t have to fake nothing. My mask was on, I got punched in my face, I’ve been getting harassed all day!”
Andrew didn’t specify whether police got involved or if anyone was arrested but he seemed to be physically OK. 
We’ll keep you posted on any updates.
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