Soccer Mommy’s Fuzzy ‘Crawling In My Skin’ Video Offers A Psychedelic Look At ‘Color Theory’

Soccer Mommy released her sophomore album Color Theory in late February. While the singer’s tour was cut short behind the release, Soccer Mommy has managed to stay engaged with her listeners through a handful of captivating visuals. Now, the singer returns with a vivid video to her track “Crawling In My Skin.”
Directed by Adam Kolodny, the visual offers a look at Soccer Mommy through many colorful lenses but isn’t the first time she shared a video to the track. Back in May, the singer shared a series of 8-bit videos alongside the song that saw the band performing in various cities from Chicago to Seattle.
In an interview with Uproxx ahead of her Color Theory release, Soccer Mommy explained her inspiration behind the record:
“I’ve always been someone that just associates moods with colors. Like blue and sad, or gray and emptiness or darkness — those are obvious connections. When I’m writing a song, the mood is really important to me, the feeling it gives me. But I think when I’m writing, I’ll often be trying to think of album art, or a music video, and imagining how this sound would look; what would capture the feeling the same way with images, that the song does with sound? Usually it’s a very specific color palette, as a hue. Not just one exact color, but it has a tone to it, there’s always this sense of season, and color, and mood, in the images. I had written some songs already, maybe one or two had this summery, beachy blue going on, and others had something brighter.”
Watch Soccer Mommy’s “Crawling In My Skin” video above.
Color Theory is out now via Loma Vista. Get it here.