The Cast Of ‘Succession’ Recorded Profanity-Laced Videos On How To Vote In Swing States

Succession is not only one of the most awards-friendly shows on television right now, but it’s also one of the most profane. Creator Jesse Armstrong used to write for the British political show The Thick Of It — and its movie spin-off, In the Loop, and its semi-American remake, Veep — which was so cuss word-friendly the staff actually included a “swearing consultant” to punch up the profanity. On top of being riddled with curses, Succession is also one of the most anti-rich shows on television, its monstrous corporate family almost as evil as the one currently occupying the White House.
So when Team Succession got together to get out the vote, it was bound to be very blue. As per Deadline, a handful of cast members went above and beyond, recording not just one but five videos to help drive awareness only two weeks shy of Election Day. But they didn’t just give vague bromides about the importance of voting. Each one was tailor-made for five battleground states — Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin, Arizona, and South Carolina — breaking down the specific rules of each part of the union.
Four of the five videos are hosted by J. Smith-Cameron, spiritually channeling her role as ever resourceful Roy family counsel Gerri Kellman. She’s the one asking the big questions over Zoom, directed at fellow cast members. In the one for Wisconsin, which you can watch above, she asks Logan Roy himself, Brian Cox, such matters as the deadline for voter registration, voting by mail, early voting, and son. Their banter is liberally peppered with bleeped out cussing. For instance, when Smith-Cameron asks Cox if everyone is eligible for mail-in voting, he replies in the affirmative, then adds, “And anyone who says otherwise can [bleep] the [bleep] off.”
Other videos follow suit. The one for Pennsylvania finds Smith-Cameron talking to both Cox, again, and Peter Friedman, who plays longtime Logan ally Frank Vernon, as well as Fisher Stevens (Hugo Baker, the exec in charge of dealing with the Brightstar curise line debacle) and David Rasche (Waystar RoyCo’s chief financial officer, who has a panic attack during the terrorist hostage situation in Season 2).

The one for Florida features Smith-Cameron and Cox again.

The one for South Carolina is just Smith-Cameron and Stevens.

And the one for South Carolina features Alan Ruck, aka mostly (but not always) laidback Connor Roy, and Justine Lipa, aka Connor’s lady friend.
Anyway, Election Day is November 3, but if you can, as the Succession cast would say, f*cking vote now, for f*ck’s sake.
(Via Deadline)